An animated, tv-pilot about a Space-Queen and A Space-Lord racing to acquire the key to another dimension that houses someone very important to them both. Packed with a visual aesthetic inspired by botany and Art Nouveau, expect comedy, action and wormholes formed by ray guns that look like they belong in a Natural History Museum!

Meet Hibiscus - Lord of the Mallows

Hibiscus is your typical Lord. He just wants to live in his fancy house and do nothing but play the Bluebells for his band, The Spring Kings. When Queen Aster takes something precious from him, Hibiscus sets out on a mission to get it back at all costs.

A member of the Androgynous group of beings, Hibiscus’ kind have the ability to transform into male or female versions of themselves after puberty.

Meet Aster - Queen of the Perennial Kingdom

Aster is the ruler of the Perennial Kingdom with her headquarters at Delphinium - The Most Evergreen of Them All. Aster is methodical and organised but has a secret. She possesses the power to communicate with her Doppelgängers in parallel dimensions. Aster is a talented engineer and configures seashells to act like telephones into these alternate realities.